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Quilled Paper Easter Eggs

Using scrapbook paper instead of quilling paper is interesting because the scrapbook paper is either white on the backside or has a white center. This in turn leaves a white edge on each quilled piece. And exactly that seemed fascinating because once the quilled paper circles were glued together, the egg looked somehow antique and subtle, rather than brilliantly colored. What is also amazing is just how many quilled circles it took to decorate just one egg.

This project is time consuming. The eggs used were about 7.5 cm each. One egg required approximately 200 circles and depending on how fast you work, it can about 2 hours or more to complete it.



Quilled Paper Easter Eggs 1

For this one egg you will need:

- styrofoam Easter egg about 7.5 cm in size (you may of course use larger eggs)
- paper of choice cut into 5mm x 15 cm strips (almost 1/4 inch x 6 inches) - you will need approximately 200 strips for the
  suggested size of egg
- craft glue
- quilling tool
Quilling Tool

- quilling template
Quilling Template 1
This quilling template is so useful. It lets you prepare 6 same sized circles at once and has different sizes of circles as well. The circles used for this project are 1.2 cm in size.


1. Use the quilling tool and coil wrap a strip of paper around it. Remove the coiled paper and place it into the quilling template.
2. Now remove each circle from the template and glue the end in place so the circle stays closed. Once you have created numerous circles, you can start gluing these very close to each other onto the egg. It was easiest to just cover a small section of the egg at a time and pressing the coiled circles onto the glue. Continue making and gluing the circles onto the egg until it is full.

Quilled Paper Easter Eggs 3
This is a close-up view of one egg.

Quilled Paper Easter Eggs 2
These are time consuming but fun to make.




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