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Quilled Paper Tree Decoration

Styrofoam trees come in several different sizes and can be decorated in various ways. This technique involves using quilled paper circles to cover the cone. The technique is very simple, the project will keep young hands busy for some time and then the kids can be proud of their pretty decoration.



Quilled Styrofoam Tree

For this project you will need:

- styrofoam cone in a size of choice
- green paint
- construction paper in the colors of green and a couple of other colors to decorate the tree each piece should be at around 30
  cm or 12 inches long
- strong craft glue
- quilling tool that will be easy for kids to hold and use
- (optional) quilling template to create perfectly sized circles or simply quill circle shapes in a size you like. If you do not have
  such a template, the circles can be made also without it. Each circle does not have to be the exact same size, either.

Quilling Template 1
This is an example of how a quilling template looks like. Depending on the country you live in, the appearance could vary.


1. Paint the cone green and set aside.

2. In the time it takes for the cone to dry, quill many green circle and a few colored circles. Create sizes of 1 centimeter and 1.5 centimeters or any size you like.

3. Once the cone is dry, start at the bottom and spread glue across a large area. Press the circles close to each other onto the glue. Don’t forget to add a color circle in between. Keep adding glue and circles and work your way up and around the cone until it is completely covered.

4. For the top, create a star by making a circle and pinching two sides to flatten them. Glue it onto the tip.

Ages 9 and older

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Quilled Paper / Styrofoam Tree Decoration

Quilled Styrofoam Tree




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