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Pine Cone Wreath

A pine cone wreath looks lovely on the front door, no matter if it is natural or painted white, like the example in the image below. When painted white, the white pine cones give the wreath an extra wintery touch. The best is to use different sizes of small pine cones as they seem make the wreath look better and you can fill in any small areas in between.



Pinecone Wreath

For this project you will need:

- 1 straw wreath 40 centimeters in diameter
- small pine cones
- spray paint in white
- hot glue gun
- embellishments such as glass ornaments and a ribbon bow


1. First glue the pine cones on the front, inside and outside of the wreath.
2. Then spray paint the wreath in a well ventilated area. You may need several coats to completely cover the wreath and try to get the insides and undersides of the pine cones as well. Let the paint dry between each coat.
3. Once the last coat is on and dry, hot glue the embellishments onto the wreath.

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