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Paper Maché “Joy” Decoration

Why buy paper maché letters when you can create them yourself. The advantages to crafting your own are the low cost of making the letters as well as the unendless of fonts for making just the letters you want. This would be also a fun craft for kids to make their own initials and decorating them.



Joy Papermache Decoration

For this project you will need:

To create the letters you will need:
- cereal box for creating template
- cardboard boxes that are a bit thick
- craft glue
- white typing paper
- wallpaper glue or paper mache glue

To decorate the letters you will need:
- scrapbook paper
- all sorts of Christmas embellishments and ribbons
- decoupage glue for sealing the paper and adding a touch of shine to the paper


1. First choose a font on your computer that you like. Here the “Victorian” font was used from the Windows fonts. Print out the font to the size you would like to have. These here are large yet still each still fit on a sheet of typing paper.
2. Glue each letter onto a cereal box and cut out. These will serve as templates for the next step.
3. Use the templates and trace each letter 3 times on cardboard boxes and cut out each letter.
4. For each letter glue the three layers together, creating a nice thick letter.
5. Now use wallpaper glue to glue white paper on all sides of the letters. This will cover up the sides as well, which are most likely unsightly.
Paper Mache Joy Letters 
This is how the paper maché letters look when finished.

6. Once the wallpaper glue is dry, you have now white letters in which you can then decorate and embellish as you like. Here the letter shapes were traced on the backsides of scrapbook paper and then cut out. The scrapbook paper letters were then glued onto the paper mache letters. White paint was used to dry brush the edges to give the letters a worn look. If you like, use a decoupage glue to add shine to the paper if you like to give it luster. Then ribbons and other elements were used to decorate each letter. The tree used was a die from Sizzix Originals and then was decorated with half beads. The snowman used is a fabric snowman which was fused onto cardboard and then cut out.

Paper Mache Joy Letters - Drybrushing




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