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 Easter Egg and Bunny Ornaments

Aren’t these little bunnies adorable? The motifs were found on paper napkins and are perfect to adorn these paper eggs. If you cannot find paper napkins with similar motifs, try stickers or wrapping paper with bunnies.



Paper Easter Egg and Bunny Ornaments

For this project you will need:

- pastel colored cardstock for the outer egg and flowers
- white cardstock for the inner egg and to
- paper napkins with Easter bunnies. Easter bunny stickers or wrapping paper with Easter bunny motifs
- fusible web
- white satin ribbon
- embossing machine for example Cuttlebug from Provocraft or Big Shot from Sizzix
- embossing folders of choice
- 3-d adhesive foam tape
- craft glue
- flower paper punch

Bunny Paper Napkin 2
This is how the paper napkin looked that was used for this project.

Easter Egg Template

Craft Pattern:

Easter egg template (print out in two different sizes)






1. First create two different sized egg templates. Trace the larger egg onto pastel colored cardstock and cut out.
2. Trace the smaller egg on to white cardstock and cut out. Emboss the white egg with a decorative background.
3. Adhere the white egg onto the colored egg using pieces of 3-d foam tape.
4. To create the bunny using paper napkins, follow this Paper Napkin Fusible Web Technique. If using a sticker, adhere the sticker onto white cardstock and cut out the motif. If using wrapping paper, first adhere the wrapping paper to cardstock with glue and then cut motif out. Once your bunny is prepared, adhere it to the egg using 3-d foam tape.
5. Punch out a couple of flowers and adhere these to the egg.
6. Create a bow and glue it to the top of the white egg.
7. Create a loop and glue the ends of it to the backside of the white egg.

Paper Easter Egg and Bunny Ornaments - Detail 1

Paper Easter Egg and Bunny Ornaments - Detail 2
How cute!




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