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Paper Crafts and Decorations for Spring Celebrations

After the cold winter, we long for fresh colors in our homes and windows. For the season when the flowers start to bloom and the birds start to sing, you can create paper decorations to add a touch of spring to your home.

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Paper Tulips

Paper Tulips Flower Bouquet

Nothing says spring more than colorful tulips. This project can be made by kids ages 9 and over (and adults, of course) who want to create a lovely decoration for the window sill during the spring season or even for Mom as a gift for Mothers Day.

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Paper Tube Daisy

Paper Tube Daisies

Crafting with paper towel rolls or tubes seems to be popular lately so we saved a few in the hopes of coming up with an idea of what to do with them. Sure enough an idea to create daisies came to mind. After a bit of painting and gluing a small bouquet was created to give a touch of spring to the window sill.

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Easter Bunny Paper Egg Holders

Easter Bunny Egg Holders

You can make a parade of Easter bunnies for the breakfast table on Easter morning. They are a cute decoration and at the same time hold an hard boiled egg on their backsides.

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Valentine's Day Craft - Quilling - Paper Hearts

Quilled Paper on Polystyrene Hearts

All you need to make these hearts are polystyrene heart shapes and scrapbook paper.

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Corrugated Paper Easter Basket

Corrugated Paper Easter Basket

A package that came in the mail recently was full of corrugated paper that was used to protect the item that was sent. With Easter coming soon, it seemed appropriate to make an Easter basket with some of it. The result is a natural looking decorative basket that only cost a couple of drops of hot glue and a little time to make.

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Quilled Paper Easter Eggs

Quilled Paper Easter Eggs

Using scrapbook paper instead of quilling paper is interesting because the scrapbook paper is white on the backside and leaves a white edge on each quilled piece. And exactly that seemed fascinating because once the quilled paper circles were glued together, the egg looked somehow antique and subtle, rather than brilliantly colored.

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Paper Hearts Bouquet

Paper Hearts Bouquet

These flowers” are made using the same technique like the spring tulips created last spring but are hearts instead. They can be used for February for Valentine’s Day but are also a nice idea to give to a mother for Mother’s Day or for her birthday.

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Paper Mosaic Heart Craft

Paper Mosaic Heart

This heart sparkles really pretty and is a fun and expensive craft for kids to make. Each heart is a one of a kind piece of art that mom will surely treasure for many years to come.

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Valentine's Day Paper Tea Light House

Romantic Paper Tea Light Houses

These are not only pretty for Valentines Day but also great for any romantic occasion such as an anniversary. They can even be made in other elegant colors and then used as a decoration at a wedding reception as well.

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Paper Craft for Easter - Origami Easter Basket with Eggs

Origami Easter Basket

Who could believe that this Easter basket is created out of one piece of paper? This will make a fun group project for children as well.

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More Paper Crafts and Decorations for Spring Celebrations

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