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Paper Crafts and Decorations for Spring Celebrations

Whether you would like to decorate your windows with paper flowers or your window sills with Easter bunnies, here you will find some cute and creative ideas. Some require minimal time and materials and many projects are easy for kids as well.

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Paper Valentine Hearts Bouquet

Woven Paper Hearts Bouquet

Surprise your loved one or your mother with this paper heart bouquet. All you need is a vase of greenery (either artificial or real) and these paper hearts which you can easily make yourself. Below you will find the link to the illustrated step-by-step tutorial.

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Corrugated Bunny Paper Napkin Holder

Easter Bunny Paper Napkin Holder

This bunny is a cute and easy idea for spring and lets kids help create decorations for the Easter dinner table.

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Decopatch Easter Bunny and Eggs

Decoupage Easter Bunny and Eggs

It is not every day you see such a colorful patchwork Easter bunny. This is also a fun idea for kids to craft. All you are really doing is cutting he papers into small squares and adhering them on an object of choice. The results are unique and no two items will ever look the same.

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Valentine's Day Craft - Quilled Paper Heart Decoration

Quilled Paper Heart Decoration

This heart is very easy to make using rolled paper strips. It makes a lovely decoration for the room or window for Valentines Day.

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Greeting Card Gift Box

Recycling Spring Cards into Gift Boxes

Whether you receive a general card for spring or one for Easter, it is always a shame to throw the cards away.

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Paper Craft for Spring - Paper Windmill

Paper Pinwheel

This is a fun and easy project for adults and kids alike. You can craft the pinwheels and give color to your flower boxes or plants in the window-sills or you can create small versions of them to use as table decorations for picnics. When correctly made, they really do turn in the breeze.

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Spring Recycling Craft - Egg Carton Daffodils

Egg Cup Daffodils

Save those egg cartons! Look at the daffodils you can make with them. From the distance, these look almost real. A single daffodil looks nice in a glass, but a whole bouquet of them looks really impressive. Like a garden in the spring.

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Easter Basket

Easter Basket Craft
This basket is made using a small cardboard tray that a pound of tomatoes were sold in and then was covered with printed paper.

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Paper Craft for Valentine's Day - 3-D Paper Heart Decoration

3-D Valentine’s Heart

The scrapbook paper chosen for this project idea is really lovely. The subtle and soft colors of natural, brown and red give the heart an antique look.

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Paper Crafts - Tags - Round Butterflies Tag

Spring Butterflies Tag

This lovely tag has an ancient yet refreshing look and was created by using just two different 6x6 inch sheets of scrapbook designer paper from Basic Grey and added embellishments.

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More Paper Crafts and Decorations for Spring Celebrations

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