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Fall Leaves Window Clings

Nature supplies us with natural templates in the fall. Leaves. Collect a few examples of different ones that have fallen from the trees. In this project they become beautiful window color designs. By using autumn like colors, you can create this decoration to hang in your room, window or glass door. The light shines beautifully through the colors. You may also choose to use the pattern below for leaves if you have no trees in your area.



Autumn Crafts - Glass Paint Leaves Decoration

For this project you will need:

- stable acetate foil
- glass paint outliner in black
- glass paint in autumn like tones
- fallen leaves or the autumn leaves template
- small wooden beads
- needle
- pricking mat, piece of cardboard or mouse pad to poke holes through the leaves
- scissors and thread

Craft Pattern:

Craft Pattern - Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves Templates

Autumn Leaves Craft Pattern

Autumn Leave Patterns






1. Follow the basic instructions below for window cling pictures. Lay the foil over the leaves and trace the outlines with the black outliner paint.
2. Once the paint is dry, cut out the leaf designs and punch a hole in the tops and bottoms of the leaves. Only the bottom most leaf gets one hole poked through it at the top of it.
3. Starting at the bottom leaf, cut a thread piece about 100 cm long. Fold the string in half and then thread your needle. Then insert the two open ends through the top hole of the bottom leaf. Pull until both open thread ends can go through the loop formed by the other end of the string and pull through. This secures the string.
4. Then thread a bead onto the needle. Go through the hole a second time to secure the bead. Then insert the thread from front to back to the bottom of the next leaf. Then insert the thread from back to front at the top of the same leaf. Go through the same hole again to secure the thread. Continue with the next bead and the next leaf until you have reached the length you want.
5. Cut the thread with a bit of length for hanging and knot at the top. Then you can hang your garland on the door, window, etc...





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Autumn Crafts - Glass Paint Leaves Decoration





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