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Nylon Belt Key Rings / Key Fobs

These key fobs are just so quick to make and require just a minimal amount of sewing. The chosen fabric has a look of fall to it but you can choose any thing that fits you taste. Nylon belt material comes in many colors and all you need to do is find the perfect fabric ribbon to combine with the belt. These are so easy and make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc...



Nylon Belt Key Rings

For this project you will need:

- key fob/ key ring clamp set (has 3 parts)
Nylon Belt Key Rings - Key Ring Parts

- nylon belt material in color of choice (color to match the grosgrain ribbon you choose)
Nylon Belt Key Rings - Nylon Belts

- grosgrain fabric ribbons of choice
Motif Ribbons

- sewing machine with matching thread to the ribbon
- pliers to close clamp


Nylon Belt Key Rings - Tutorial 1
1. Cut a 25 centimeter piece of nylon belt and a 25 centimeter piece of your ribbon and pin the ribbon on the middle of the belt. Sew a zig-zag stitch along both short edges and then sew a straight line down both long edges, very close to the edge of the ribbon.

Nylon Belt Key Rings - Tutorial 2
2. Fold the belt now in half.

Nylon Belt Key Rings - Tutorial 3
3. Take the clamp set and insert the rectangle ring within the clamp area.

Nylon Belt Key Rings - Tutorial 4
4. Then insert the 2 open edges (the zig-zag edges) inside the clamp and press carefully closed with a plier. If you are worried about the plier damaging the clamp, insert a piece of material between the plier and the clamp to protect the clamp.
5. Connect the key ring now to the rectangle ring and it is then finished.

Felt and Ribbon Key Fobs
These were made using felt instead of nylon belt.





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