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Halloween Pillow in Rag Quilt Style

If you like decorating your home for Halloween, then you can create a seasonal pillow for the couch. This example was made for a small space and measures about 30x30 cm but you can vary the block sizes and motif sizes to any size you like. Our bear is happy to have his own cuddly pillow for cozy October evenings.



Halloween Pillow 2

Supplies Needed:

- orange and black fabric (28 square blocks of orange and 8 square blocks of black, the size of the squares is your choice)
- 36 batting squares that are each 2 cm smaller than the size chosen for the fabric
- orange and black sewing thread
- sewing machine
- fusible web
the templates for the cat and pumpkin in the links below
- filling for the pillow

Craft Patterns:

Halloween - Black Cat Pattern for Pillow 100

Free Cat Template

Halloween - Pumpkin Pattern for Pillow

Free Pumpkin Template






1. Print out your cat and pumpkin motifs so they will be a size that comfortably fits within your fabric square (the size you chose) and create permanent templates for them. Use these templates to trace the needed amount of figures (4 orange pumpkins and 5 blacks cats) onto the fusible web. Fuse the web onto the backside of the appropriate colored fabric and cut the shapes out. Fuse the orange pumpkins onto black squares and fuse the black cats onto orange squares.

2. For the front, make 5 orange and 4 black sandwiches. A sandwich consists of one fabric square, one batting square and one bottom square. Use your sewing machine to stitch around each figure to hold the sandwiches together.

3. Now create 9 sandwiches for the backside. Each sandwich consists of one orange fabric square, one batting square and one orange bottom square. Run the “sandwich” through the sewing machine. Quilt by sewing from one corner diagonal to the opposite corner. Repeat for the other two corners to create a “x” through the block.

4. Now you have 18 sandwiches. 9 for the front of the pillow and 9 for the back of the pillow. For the front, use the picture as a guide and sew the 3 top squares together (cat, pumpkin, cat). Then sew the second row (pumpkin, cat, pumpkin) and then the third (cat, pumpkin, cat) row. Then sew the first row onto the second row. Then sew the third row onto the bottom of the second. Now you have a 3x3 block square. Sew the 9 squares on the backside together in the same manner. Since all the squares are orange, there is no order of sewing.

5. Place the front of the pillow with the right side facing up on to the bottom of the pillow with the right side facing down. Sew the pillow together, leaving an opening for filling it.

6. Fill the pillow and then stitch the opening closed either with the machine (if you can) or by hand.

7. Then snip in all the seam allowances at about 5-7 mm intervals to just before the stitching lines. This will cause the edges to fray when being washed. Wash the pillow afterwards in a gentle cycle and let it dry naturally.

Illustrated Craft Tutorials:

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Creating Permanent Templates Tutorial

Creating Permanent Templates Tutorial (Scroll down to the middle of the page).


Halloween Pillow
This is a quick project to decorate your home for the month of October.




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Halloween Pillow

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