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Green Flowers

This card is created using scrapbooking papers and various card making embellishments that all matched in color. Cards like these are fun to make because there are no set rules. It is more or less just using what you have and arranging the items in a pleasing way. It is helpful to have a printer to print out the greetings but you can also hand write the greetings as well.



Birthday Card - Greeting Card - Green Card  for all Occasions

For this project you will need:

- white cardstock
- light olive and dark olive green scrapbook papers
- olive green fiber paper
- 3-D foam pads
- Sizzix Sidekick with die cut “Flower and Leaf”
- mesh ribbon
- 2 green brads
- ruler
- scissors
- satin ribbon
- stick glue
- artist chalks in dark green (if desired)
- clear double-sided sticky tape
- hole puncher


1. Fold your cardstock into a card and cut a piece of light green scrapbook paper just smaller than the size of the card. Glue it on the card with the stick glue.
2. Tear a longer but not so wide piece of the fiber paper and glue it on the card.
3. Cut a piece of the mesh ribbon that is slightly smaller than the width of the card and use the double-sided sticky tape to stick it on over the fiber paper.
4. Cut another piece of mesh ribbon about 1 inch wide. Bend it in the middle and tie a piece of the satin ribbon around it in a bow. Place a 3-D foam pad to the back of it and then stick it to the top left corner.
5. Print out “Happy Birthday” on another piece of the scrapbook paper and cut it out to a width that is slightly shorter than the width of the card. Glue this piece on a piece of the olive green scrapbook and cut it out with about an 1/8 inch border.
6. Place the greeting on the card by punching 2 holes in the top of it and through the front of the card, and by securing the holes with the brads.
7. Use the Sizzix Sidekick and die cut 2 flowers- one from each of the scrapbooking papers.
8. Cut a rectangle from the olive green paper that is slightly larger than the flower with stem and glue the flower on it. Place this piece now on a piece of olive green paper and cut it also out with about an 1/8 inch border.
9. Use 3-D foam pads to stick the dark green flower on the card. Use 3-D foam tape to stick the other flower with border on the card.
10. Cut a triangle out of a piece of olive green paper and glue it to the top right corner of the card.
11. You may chalk the edges of the lighter colored paper if you would like.

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Birthday Card - Greeting Card - Green Card  for all Occasions



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