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Golden Wreath

The gold material has been in the fabric box since years. It was once needed for a costume for a school play. Finally an idea to use it for a fabric scraps wreath came up. It gave a once simple styrofoam wreath a glamorous look to it and it was so easy to do.



Golden Wreath

For one bag you will need:

- styrofoam wreath
- fabric cut into 2-3 inch squares
- small flat head screwdriver
- matching ribbon - here an organza ribbon with golden stars was chosen for the project


1. Cut out a stack of fabric squares and proceed by taking the first piece and placing it over the wreath. Use the screwdriver and insert it in the center of the fabric and poke the fabric into the wreath. The styrofoam will normally hold the fabric without glue.
2. Continue adding new scrap pieces close to the previously added piece and continue in the same manner as step one until the entire front, inside and outside of the wreath is full. If you missed a section, you can always add more scraps afterwards.
3. Create a bow using the ribbon and adhere to the wreath.




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