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Gingerbread Man Paper Garland

A friendly army of gingerbread men can decorate your windows, shelves, tables, etc...



Gingerbread Man Paper Garland

For this project you will need:

- light brown sheet of construction paper (25x35 centimeters)
- red and black scraps of construction paper
- white pencil (for the mouth)
- normal lead pencil for tracing
- glue
- ruler

Craft Pattern:

Gingerbread Man Paper Garland Template

Gingerbread Man Template






1. Print out the gingerbread man pattern so that the gingerbread man has a height of 11 cm. This will enable you to cut 2 gingerbread men garlands with 4 gingerbread men on each garland. Trace the pattern with a pencil onto a sheet of tracing paper.

Gingerbread Man Paper Garland - Detail 1
2. Pleat fold the paper in the following intervals: 2 cm, 7 cm, 7 cm, 7 cm, 7 cm and 2 cm.

Gingerbread Man Paper Garland - Detail 2
3. Close the paper so that the pleats are lined up and that both 2 cm pleats are on the left side.

Gingerbread Man Paper Garland - Detail 3
4. Turn the paper over so that the pattern markings are on the bottom. Line up the 2 straight markings on the hands with the pleats. Over the sides, the hand will hang over the pleat. Now retrace the pattern onto the brown paper.

Gingerbread Man Paper Garland - Detail 4
5. Now the paper will look like this. Cut out gingerbread man through all layers of the paper.

Gingerbread Man Paper Garland - Detail 5
6. When cut out and opened, the gingerbread man will look like this. Decorate as you like.




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Gingerbread Man Paper Garland



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