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Wooden Flower Girl

This wooden girl with her flowers is an easy scroll saw project and makes a really cute decoration for the summer. This project measures approximately 28 cm or about 11 inches high. You may increase or decrease the patterns to fit your needs. Experiment with different colors of materials to achieve a completely different look.



Wood Crafts for Summer - Flower Girl

For this project you will need:

- 8 mm thick piece of scrap wood - enough for the girl and for the feet
- 4mm thick piece of plywood for the flowers and the hair
- acrylic paint in the following colors: orange, red, white, skin color, light yellow, light brown and black
- 8mm round wooden half bead
- drill with 1.5 mm and 3.2 mm bits
- 3.5mm long and 35 mm thick screw to attach the girl to the feet
- 3 color buttons to decorate the flowers
- thin wire
- flat and round paint brushes
- wood glue
- standard wood sawing supplies

Craft Pattern:

Flower Girl Craft Pattern

Flower Girl Template






1. Print out patterns so that they fit completely on the standard printer paper size.
2. Transfer the markings to the appropriate thicknesses of wood and saw out. Sand smooth if necessary.
3. Paint the pieces and let dry. Glue on the nose. Drybrush the edges and details of the girl like the cheeks, for example, in a contrast color if desired. This gives the figure a more realistic look.
4. Drill two 1.5 mm holes through each of the arm pieces at the shoulder and also on the body where these arms are to be placed.
5. Drill two 1.5 mm holes in the center of each flower and one hole in one petal of two flowers.
6. Drill also a 1.5 mm hole in each of the hands.
7. Cut five 4 inch or 10 mm pieces of wire. Insert a wire through the backside of each flower in the center and insert the buttons on these wires. Twist to secure and spiral the ends. Put the other two wires aside for the moment.
8. Glue the hair piece on the head and then glue on the flower with no hole in the petal over the hair.
9. Cut a longer piece of wire and insert the other two flowers on it. Insert now the two wire ends through the hands and twist and spiral to secure them.
10. Take the 2 wire that were put aside and use them now to connect the arms to the shoulders. You do this by inserting the wire ends from the backside of the girl to the front, inserting the ends then through the arm holes and twisting off in the front of the girl to secure. Sprial twist the ends for a decorative touch.
11.  Drill a 3.2 mm hole through the bottom of the feet where the “x” ist and also through the center underneath the girl. Secure the girl onto the base with a screw.

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Wood Crafts for Summer - Flower Girl



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