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Felt Snowman Pair

Bring this favorite winter character into your home. They are even for novice sewers easy to make and look decorative anywhere in your home. Felt has the advantage that it does not fray. You may change the hat and scarf colors to match you decor. Make more of them and use them as gifts for friends or family.



Felt Snowmen Sewing Craft for Christmas

For this project you will need:

- white and green felt
- black and red beads for buttons and eyes
- sewing thread in white, red and black
- batting
- sewing machine
- scissors
- batting

Craft Pattern:

Felt Snowman Template

Felt Snowman






1. Trace and cut out pattern pieces.
2. Place the two snowman body pieces together and sew about 1/4” from the cutting line, leaving the bottom open. Turn.
3. Stuff the snowman with batting, and once firm, hand sew the bottom together.
4. Cut out long piece of felt for scarf and tie it around the snowman’s neck. Cut out a piece of felt that is 2x wider than the head plus seam allowance. The height of the hat varies according to height of the head size, plus seam allowance plus and then about 1/2” so you can roll the hat 1 time up.
5. Form a tube out of the hat piece and sew on the longer edge a straight line about 1/4” from edge. Once sewn, cut back seam allowance to about 1/8”. Fit and adjust hat onto head and use a couple of stitches to secure.
6. Using the matching threads, sew eyes, nose and buttons onto the snowmen.




Patchwork and Sewing Craft for Christmas - Felt Snowman Pair

Patchwork and Sewing Craft for Christmas - Felt Snowman Pair 2
Close-up of one of the snowmen


All Free Sewing National Sewing Month Contributor


This project can be found on this page of 15+ Free Snowman Patterns to Sew for Christmas and winter.


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Patchwork and Sewing Craft for Christmas - Felt Snowman Pair




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