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Felt Mushroom Onaments

With just a small amount of felted wool (that you either felted yourself or purchased), you can make these soft and cozy mushrooms. It takes only a little bit of time to make them. Add a string to hang them or leave them so to use as embellishments for a autumn centerpiece.



Felt Mushroom Ornaments 1

For each mushroom you will need:

- one brownish colored piece of felted wool and one beige or cream colored piece of felted wool
- thread matching each of the felt colors you chose
- straight pins
- sewing needle
- batting
- scissors

Craft Pattern:

Felt Mushroom Templates

Felt Mushroom Templates






Felt Mushroom Tutorial 1
1. Print out the pattern to the size you wish and then glue the pattern onto cardboard (like a cereal box side). Cut each piece then out. Pin the piece onto 2 layers of felt and cut out. Now you have two identical pieces and did not have to mark them.

Felt Mushroom Tutorial 2
2. To sew the mushrooms together, cut a piece of thread and fold it in half so that it has a loop on one side and the two ends on the other. Pull the two ends through the eye of the needle and then insert the thread through both layers of the mushroom piece you are sewing. It should look like the image above.

Felt Mushroom Tutorial 3
3. Then take the needle through the loop and pull tight. Now the thread is secure.

Felt Mushroom Tutorial 4
4. Insert the thread about 5-7 mm further back into the both felt layers from underneath and come up through the top.

Felt Mushroom Tutorial 5
5. Again a loop is created.

Felt Mushroom Tutorial 6
6. Place the needle again through the loop and pull tight. Continue in this manner unless otherwise indicated.

Felt Mushroom Tutorial 7
7. For the white stem piece, you will be using the above blanket stitch throughout the whole piece. Before closing, add a little batting inside the stem.

Felt Mushroom Tutorial 8
8. When connecting the stem to the top of the mushroom, start sewing at the top of the mushroom and continue until you reach the middle of the bottom section. Insert the stem about 1 cm into the mushroom top and stright stitch both parts together. At the other side of the stem, continue the blanket stitch until you finish. Make sure to stuff the top of the mushroom lightly before closing.

Felt Mushroom Ornaments 2
The colors of the mushrooms are perfect for the fall season.





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Felt Mushroom Ornaments

Felt Mushroom Ornaments





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