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Needle Felting Crafts and Crafting or Sewing With Felt

Creating with felt is an art and a tradition that has been existing for over a thousand years. In the earlier years wet felting was the common technique but in the recent years, needle felting has gained popularity. What started out as a technique used to decorate and embellish finished felted projects is now is being used to create figures, jewelry, wall decorations, etc... You can also purchase felt sheets in your local craft store and use these to create or sew all sorts of items.

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Felt Stars Christmas Ornaments

Felt Stars Christmas Tree Ornaments
Not everyone decorates their tree in the traditional colors of the season. This combination of green, blue, pink, fuchsia and white has somewhat of a tropical feeling to it and looks great on a white tree. The felt stars are quickly made and the sequins add a little sparkle to the project.

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Felt Mushroom Ornaments

Felt Mushroom Ornaments

With just a small amount of felted wool (that you either felted yourself or purchased), you can make these soft and cozy mushrooms. It takes only a little bit of time to make them.

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Sequin and Felt Fish

Sparkling Felt Fish

Cookie cutters make great templates for crafting because the shapes are simple and they are also easy to trace around. Here a cookie cutter in the  shape of a fish was used to create this small swarm of fish.

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Felt Gingerbread Man Ornament

Felt Gingerbread Man Ornament

This particular little guy is only 2 inches high and is perfect for decorating small trees or even Chrismas gifts. Use a cookie cutter as a template to create this tasty character. If you use a larger cookie cutter, you may need to substitute the small beads with larger ones to accomodate the proportional difference.

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Felt Pig

Felt Pig Ornament

With just a few felt circles and a couple of ears, you can create this adorable pig within an hour.

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Felted Styrofoam Snowman

Needle Felted Styrofoam Snowman

It is so easy to felt a simple styrofoam snowman into this adorable and soft decoration for the holidays.

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Felt Christmas Trees

Felt Christmas Trees

Because these trees have a simple shape, they are quickly sewn together and using felt will guarantee that they also will not fray. Once they are sewn, they are simple to assemble

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Felt Bat

Felt Bat Ornament

Here a bat cutter was used to create this creepy flying object.

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Felt Frog

Felt Frog Ornament

This is a cute summer craft that requires less than an hour to finish.

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Felt Fall Leaves

Felt Leaves

Create each of these easy felt leaves in a matter of minutes to have simple decorations for your home.

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More Needle Felting Crafts and Crafting or Sewing With Felt

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