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Fall Leaf Stones to Use as Paperweights or as Decorations

Find a paper napkin with fall leaves or other fall motifs and decoupage them onto the stones. It is so easy and the result looks great. Light colored stones are perfect for this project, but you can also paint darker stones white if you like.



Fall Leaf Stones - Paperweights

For this project you will need:

- your choice of stones
- paper napkins with small fall motifs
- paper napkin applique glue
- soft paint brush


1. Cut the motifs out of the paper napkin and then remove all but the top layer of each paper napkin motif.
2. Brush a thin layer of glue onto the stone and let it dry a minute. Then press the paper napkin gently onto the stone, carefully smoothing it out so that it is wrinkle free.
3. Then carefully brush a layer of glue over the napkin. Start from the middle and work your way to the outer edges of the napkin.
4. Let the stones dry.

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Fall Leaf Stones - Paperweights





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