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Mini Fabric Pumpkins

For these pumpkins, all you need is a little bit of fabric, batting for stuffing the pumpkins and a small twig to serve as a stem... then a few handstitches and voila, finished. Years ago in grade school, we had a teacher who loved to craft with us. She was full of great ideas, such as these little pumpkins. We were always decorating our classroom for the changing seasons and it was then fun taking the treasures home afterwards when the next season arrived.



Mini Fabric Pumpkins

For this project you will need:

- cotton fabric in shades of orange
- orange sewing thread and a needle
- batting for stuffing
- small twig piece
- craft glue

Instructions for one pumpkin: (If you have ever created a fabric yo-yo, then the technique will seem familiar to you.)

1. Use a plate, a bowl or similar item to trace a circle onto the backside of orange fabric.
2. Cut out the circle. Secure the thread end and hand sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle, about 5 mm or 1/4 inch from the edge.
3. Pull the threads together and stuff the pumpkin slightly while pulling the threads tighter. Continue pulling and stuffing until the pumpkin is full and soft. Once that is finished, glue a twig into the opening and secure and knot the end thread and cut off the remaining thread.

Mini Fabric Pumpkins 3
Printed orange fabric was used for this one. It makes an interesting pattern.

Mini Fabric Pumpkins 2
Plain orange fabric was used for this pumpkin.





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