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Easy Knitted Wrist Warmers or Fingerless Gloves

If you have ever knitted a pair of socks before using the 5-needle technique, then you will have no problem making these wrist warmers. These are not only great for the outdoors in winter when you need to use your cell phone or if you are a photographer and need your fingers to be free, but also good for indoors, especially if you work a lot on the computer and get cold fingers when doing so. The total length of the wrist warmers is approximately 32 cm. These can be worn at full length to keep your arm extra warm or like you see in the images with a cuff for more warmth at the wrist.



Wrist Warmers 1

For this project you will need:

- fingering weight sock yarn in two different colors (here the color black was combined with a second color) The yarn is about
  420 meters/100 g skein
- a set of 5 double pointed metric size 4 knitting needles (US 6, UK 8), 15 centimeters or 6 inches long
- ruler
- scissors
- large eye needle for sewing threads when finished

Experience with knitting tubes is useful.

You will be doubling your yarn throughout the whole project. For the multi-colored rows, you use 1 x color yarn + 1 black yarn and for the black rows you use the black yarn doubled.

Knitting gauge: (measured slightly stretched) 24 stitches and 29 rows  = 10 x 10 centimeters (approximately 4 x 4 inches)

Knitting Pattern: A simple rib stitch using *2 right stitches and then 2 left stitches repeating again from * (this makes the wrist warmes very stretchy and they will fit snug on your wrist)

Stripes Pattern: 10 rounds of color yarn + black and then 3 rounds of black yarn doubled


1. Cast on 40 stitches and divide them evenly amongst 4 needles (10 stitches per needle). You will work a tube just like when knitting socks until otherwise indicated. Knit in the knitting pattern K2, P2 repeatingly throughout the project.
2. Continue for 65 rows or 5 x (10 rows color, 3 rows black, alternating).
3. After the 65th row you will only continue in the multi-colored yarn + black until the end. Stop after you have finished kntting the 4th needle of the 65th row. Until now you have been working in a circle and creating a tube using 4 needles. For the next 10 rows, you will be working flat, as if you were knitting a potholder.
4. You are now at the starting point of your row and the work will be split for the next 10 rows. To do this, do not continue in the direction you have been knitting, but instead turn your work around and knit all 40 stitches in the opposite direction (still continue to follow the pattern). Once you get to the end of the row, turn your work around again and then knit the next row in the other direction until you reach the other side (the starting point again). Now you still have 8 more rows. Continue in this manner until you have all 10 rows completed. You have now created the space for the thumb hole.
5. Now your join together again and continue to knit a tube for another 14 rows. If you want more of your fingers to be covered, you can add more rows as needed.
6. Then bind off your work, cut the yarn about 10-15 centimeters long and then weave the ends on the wrong side of the fingerless gloves.
7. Create a second fingerless glove just like the first one to complete the set.




Wrist Warmers 3

Wrist Warmers 2

Wrist Warmers 4
Keep your arms, wrists and hands warm for now on.


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Wrist Warmers




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