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Easy Fabric Draft Stopper

Especially if you live in an old house, there always seems to be a draft on those cool windy days. You can easily avoid this problem by creating easy draft stoppers to place in front of doors or windows.



Draft Stopper

For this project you will need:

- 2 fabric pieces that are 15+ centimeters high and a length to fit across your door or window plus 2 centimeters seam
- cotton stuffing to fill
- small stones for extra weight
- sewing maching and basic sewing supplies
- iron


1. Cut your fabric pieces and pin them together with the right sides facing. Sew completely around all 4 edges with a one centimeter seam allowance. Leave for an opening for turning.
2. Turn the fabric and iron it flat. Place a few stones into each side of the hole and then stuff with cotton until it is the thickness you prefer.
Hand sew the stopper side closed with a slip stitch so that the stitches cannot be seen afterwards.




Fabric Draftstopper 2
A few small stones are placed inside of these to give them weight and help keep them in place.


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