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Decorative Paper Maché Penguin

This penguin is a great decoration for the winter months. He will look proud standing on any book shelf or in the window sill. This little guy can remain as a decoration for the entire winter.



Decopatch Penguin

For this project you will need:

- decopatch paper - white with gold cracks, black with silver cracks and orange with gold cracks
- decopatch glue*
- 2 x 6mm black half beads (eyes)
- jewel glue (dries clear)

Paper Mache Pinguin
This is the basic paper mache pinguin shape used for this project. It was a lot of fun altering this into the decopatch decoration.


1. Tear pieces of the decopatch paper and start applying it to the object using decopatch glue. The back, wings and feet are black. The front area of the penguin is white and orange paper was used for the cheek area.
2. Once all of the areas are covered, glue on the beads for the eyes and buttons.




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