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Patchwork Easter Bunny and Eggs

It is not every day you see such a colorful patchwork Easter bunny. This is also a fun idea for kids to craft. All you are really doing is cutting the papers into small squares and adhering them on an object of choice. The results are unique and no two items will ever look the same.



Decopatch Easter Bunny and Eggs 3

For this project you will need:

- paper maché Easter bunny figure
Paper Mache Bunny

- thin printed papers like the ones in the image to the right
- white or beige acrylic paint
- one 6 millimeter black wooden bead (the bead gets halved for the eyes)- one pink mini acrylic half bead for the nose
- Decopatch glue (available in Europe and is a clear drying non sticky decoupage glue)
- flat paint brush
- strong craft glue to adhere the eyes and nose to the bunny

Thin Printed Papers
These are the papers that were used for this project.

Decopatch Glue and Paint Brush
This is how the Decopatch glue looks like. If it is not available in your area, you can substitute a decoupage glue for it.


1. Cut each of the papers in 2-5 cm sized pieces. These do not have to have any perfect shape at all.

2. Paint the bunny body so it becomes a lighter color. This is important since the papers are so thin and the brown paper of the paper mache shows through. Let the bunny dry before continuing.

3. Apply glue to a large area of the bunny body. Adhere a square over the glue and brush on glue over the piece. Then add the next square by overlapping the first. Also apply glue over this piece. You will continue by always adding more glue to the body as needed and always applying glue over the paper to seal it. Continue using different papers and in this manner until the entire bunny is covered.

4. Adhere the eyes and nose to the bunny once the paper and glue are dry.

5. Add a ribbon to its neck if you like.

Decopatch Easter Egg 3
Make eggs to match the bunny if you like.

Decopatch Easter Bunny and Eggs 2

Decopatch Easter Bunny and Eggs
This bunny is so cute and could also be used to decorate a baby boy’s room. For a girl’s version, just use different colored paper.




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