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Craft Stick Mushroom

This cheery mushroom is a fun project for kids in the autumn months. These can be created to hang just about anywhere. The basic shapes are easy to cut and punch out and therefore simple for younger children to make, as well.



Craft Stick Mushroom

For this project you will need:

- craft stick
- red corrugated cardboard
- white cardstock
- one pair of small wiggly eyes
- red half bead
- black permanent marker
- craft glue
- circle hole puncher (1 cm or 0.4 inch circles)
- scissors
- old used CD for tracing
- thread (for hanging)

Ages 5 and older

Time required: about 1 hour


1. Trace a CD on the back side of the red corrugated cardboard and cut out. Cut this circle now in half or slightly more.
2. Paint the craft stick white and let it dry. While waiting, punch out circles and adhere them onto the mushroom top.
3. When the craft stick is dry, glue the mushroom top onto it. Glue now on the wiggly eyes and the nose. Draw a mouth with the permanent marker.
4. Cut out 3 small circles and glue them onto the mushroom like a bow tie.
5. Make a small hole in the top of the mushroom and tie a string through for hanging.





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