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Advent and Christmas Wreaths - Ideas and Inspiration - Page 1 of 2

These are various types wreaths that are made using all sorts of materials such as evergreens, paper, pinecones, natural materials, fabric, potpourri, etc...



200 Silver Pinecone Christmas Wreath

Silver Pinecone Door Wreath


Potpourri Christmas Wreath

Potpourri Christmas Wreath


Mini-Wreath Ornaments

Mini-Wreath Ornaments


Grapevine Heart Decoration

Grapevine Heart Wreath


Felt Poinsettia Wreath Craft

Felt Poinsettia Wreath Craft


Glitter Ribbon Christmas Wreath

Glitter Ribbon Wreath


Christmas Door Wreath with Copper Colored Decoration

Natural Christmas Door Wreath


White Wreath with Blue Decoration

White Organza Wreath


200 Christmas Wreath

Needle Felted Wreath


200 Red Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath for the Table


Christmas Table Wreath with Copper Colored Decoration

Wreath Centerpiece


Pinecone Wreath

Pinecone Wreath


Natural Evergreen Wreath for Christmas

Evergreen Wreath


Tinsel Garland Wreath

Tinsel Garland Wreath


Christmas Table Wreath

Christmas or Advent Wreath


White Wreath with Red Decoration

White and Red Wreath


Natural Door Wreath for the Holidays

Christmas Door Wreath


Golden Christmas Wreath

Golden Wreath


Table Wreath

Table Wreath


Christmas Wreath Decoration

Scrubby Yarn Wreath


Quilled Paper Christmas Wreath

Quilled Paper Wreath


Paper Christmas Wreath

Paper Christmas Wreath

Colorful Christmas Wreath

Colorful Christmas Wreath

German Star Wreath

German Stars Paper Wreath




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