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Christmas Terrycloth or Towel Baskets

Hand towels were used to make these practical baskets which can be used for whatever you like. You can use them as a festive way to keep your toiletries organized in the restroom during the holiday season or you can also adapt them as gift bags for Christmas. The basket itself is a gift plus whatever you decide to put into it. Little jingle bells were added to the ribbon ends to give also a cheerful sound when moved.



Christmas Terrycloth Baskets 1

For one bag you will need:

- two 30x50 cm terrycloth towels (or a size close to these measurements and one towel in red and one towel in white) or
  terrycloth material
- red or white felt (depending on which color is going to be on
  the outside of the bag, you will use the opposite color of felt)
- red gingham ribbon
- two small jingle bells
- sewing machine and sewing thread in either red or white


Follow the Christmas terrycloth basket tutorial in the link below to make these baskets. Once finished, tie a ribbon and sew it onto the felt tree. Knot a jingle bell on each of the ribbon ends.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Christmas Towel Bag Tutorial

Christmas Terrycloth Basket Tutorial




Christmas Terrycloth Baskets 2
A red bag with white lining and a white tree.

Christmas Terrycloth Baskets 3
A white bag with red lining and a red tree.


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