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Silver Stars Christmas Glass Decoration for Candles

What would be Christmas without candlelight? This large glass vase becomes an attractive decoration for your tables or windows at Christmas time. In groups they look also very nice and in a smaller size can be used as a Christmas present. You can use a large vase such as this one, you can decorate jelly glasses or mustard glasses or even the smallest votive glass. You simply decorate the glasses with stars that you prepare ahead of time by using glass paints. The paints are in squeezable bottles and easy to use.



Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Candle Glass with Window Cling Stars

For this project you will need:

- glass cling paints for example from Delta in any color that matches silver such as clear, silver, silver with glitter,
  mother-of-pearl, etc... or in any color theme you choose
- outliner paint in silver
- clear blank sheets that are intended for glass cling paints so they can be peeled away
- glitter is desired

Craft Pattern:

Templates of Stars

Stars Templates






1. Wash your glass vase or votive glass with soap and hot water to assure that the surface is oil free. Let it dry and lie aside.
2. Find star patterns or draw your own and lay the sheets of PVC over the patterns and trace as many stars as you need with the outliner paint. Let the paint dry which takes about one hour in a heated room.
3. Once dry you may now paint the insides of the stars with the different colors. You may choose to sprinkle glitter onto the still wet paint if you would like. Once you have finished the stars lay them aside to dry. They will need to dry overnight and may take up to 24 hours to be completely dry.
4. Once dry, you can peel the stars off of the sheets and arrange them onto the glass.

The paints dry transparent and can be reused on other surfaces such as mirrors and tiles.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Glass Paints Tutorial

Window Cling Paint Instructions




Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Candle Glass with Window Cling Stars 4

Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Candle Glass with Window Cling Stars 2
Candlelight adds a special touch to any room.


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Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Candle Glass with Window Cling Stars




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