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Fall Berry Wreath

Having a yard full of different bushes, shrubs, trees and flowers has its advantage. Almost for every season of the year, it offers an abundance of natural material to create a wide variety of decorations. This year we had an incredible amount of red berry bushes just begging to be used. A lovely wreath for the front door was the result.



Fall Berry Wreath

For this project you will need:

- metal wring measuring 25 cm in diameter
- greenery and red berry twigs from a bush
- gardening wire
- garden clipper or pruner

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

How to Make a Wreath

Follow the basic instructions in this Wreath Making Tutorial.

For this project, you need to cut the greenery and the berry twigs to 10 centimeter lengths. Depending on the fullness of the twigs, use 1-3 twigs together and use the wire to wrap them to the wreath. Make sure when adding a new bundle, to cover up the wire from the previous bundle. Continue until the entire wreath is full.

Fall Berry Wreath 2
It adds a natural touch no matter where you choose to hang it.





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