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Christmas Paper Craft - Making Bascetta Paper Stars

These beautiful stars have been a popular craft trend in this country at Christmas for several years now and always seemed like they would be intimidating to make. They are named after the Italian mathematician Paolo Bascetta.

30 pyramid shaped modules are made out of paper that then get connected together to form the final star, which has a total of 20 round points. Neither scissors nor glue is required and they are quite sturdy, when finished.

Years ago we bought paper to make some of these stars but kept shying away from it because they looked so complicated. Drawn instructions came with each pack of paper. The folding of the stars seemed easy but the connecting was difficult to comprehend... until now. Determination set in and finally it clicked how these are made. Once you realize that connecting each of the pyramid shaped modules is simply repeating the same steps over and over, then it becomes easy to understand.



Bascetta Stars Tutorial

For this project the following supplies were used:

- 30 sheets of square paper

Here in the above image you see 3 different sized stars. More information about these stars and the paper used for them can be seen below unerneath the various star images.

Paper the size of 10 x 10 centimeters will give you a 15 centimeter star

Paper the size of 15 x 15 centimeters will give you a 20 centimeter star

Paper the size of 20 x 20 centimeters will give you a large 30 centimeter star

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Bascetta Star Tutorial

Bascetta Stars Tutorial




Purple Bascetta Stars
For these purple stars, vellum paper with the strength of 110 g/ m² was used.

Red Bascetta Stars
These red stars were made with a shiny opaque paper that has the strength of 90 g/m². The larger star is 30 centimeters in size and the small star is 15 centimeters in size.

Teal Snowflake Bascetta Stars
These teal snowflake stars were made with a shiny opaque paper that has the strength of 90 g/m². The larger star is 30 centimeters in size and the small star is 15 centimeters in size.

Red and Gold Bascetta Star
The paper used for this 20 centimeter star was red on one side and gold on the other. The red sides were used as the outside for the star here but if the paper had been turned around, the points would be gold and that what is gold would be red. The paper has a strength of 75 g/ m². Therefore with the same paper, you can create 2 similar yet different stars.

Purple Snowflakes Bascetta Star
This snowflake printed purple star uses a strong 120 g/ m² paper. The paper is thicker and gives the snowflake a lot of body and stability. When making your first star, this paper is highly recommended, as the modules hold especially well when you are assembling them together. One side of the paper is printed and the other side is solid.

Red Bascetta Star
Just like the stable purple star above this image, this red star also is made with 120 g/ m² paper and one side of the paper is solid and the other printed.

Small Bascetta Stars
This image shows the 3 smallest stars lined up next to each other.

Lighted Bascetta Star
This star made with 115 g/ m² snowflake printed vellum has a 10 LED lights garland tucked inside of it. It looks absolutely gorgeous when lit up.

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Bascetta Stars Tutorial




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