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Glass Paint Autumn Window Decorations

These brighten up the windows and have a stained glass look to them. To create your own leaf patterns, all you have to do is look in your yard or in a park. In the fall, there are so many leaves to choose from. Find leaves with different shapes and sizes. Otherwise, you can use the leaf patterns below. To find other autumn patterns, you can look in children’s coloring books for designs. The internet is also a wonderful place to find patterns of all sorts. Place acetate foil over the leaf patterns, trace them with the outliner paint, let them dry and then cut them out.



Basic Craft for Fall - Autumn Leaves Window Cling

For this project you will need:

- window glass paint outliner in black
- window paints in colors of your choice like reds, oranges, yellows, golds, terracotta, and browns
- stable acetate foil
- autumn patterns

Craft Pattern:

Craft Pattern - Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves Templates

Autumn Leaves Craft Pattern

Autumn Leave Patterns






1. As described in the tutorial in the link above, place the acetate foil over the leaves or patterns and use the black outliner paint to trace the drawn lines.
2. Make as many pictures as desired and let the outliner paint completely dry. This takes about 2 hours.
3. Fill in the pattern with colors of your choice, leaving no holes. Mix colors within the leaves to give them a natural look. If bubbles or holes do occur, take a toothpick and poke into the holes and to smoothen the paint.
4. Let the window color paint dry for about 24 hours.
5. Once dry, you can cut out the pictures. Stick them to the window with the painted side touching the window. The reverse side of the foil is the side facing you.
6. These can be removed again if done carefully and reused if desired.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Glass Paints Tutorial

Window Cling Paint Instructions


Basic Craft for Fall - Autumn Leaves Window Cling 2
With squeeze bottle glass paints you can create a beautiful stained glass look for any window in your house. Older children can also help create decorations to match any season of the year.





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Basic Craft for Fall - Autumn Leaves Window Cling





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