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Autumnal Acorn Wreath

This year the oak tree dumped what felt like thousands of acorns in the yard. Though the couple of squirrels seem to be satisfied with the amount, it is much more than they could ever need. After raking up a bucket full, it only seemed natural to use them to embellish a wreath with them. We already did this years before (see here) and thought it is time to make a new version to give as a gift. This project is very easy to make and takes about 90 minutes to complete it.



Autumn Acorn Wreath

For this project you will need:

Straw Wreath Form
- a straw wreath to use as the base

Collected Acorns
- a good amount of acorns in different sizes

- a hot glue gun
- ribbon for hanging and decorating


Acorn Wreat Tutorial 1
1. Starting from the outer edge, use your hot glue gun and adhere the acorns on the wreath in a row. The best is to apply the glue to the straw wreath base and press an acorn into the hot glue. Complete the row at the inner most edge of the wreath.

Acorn Wreat Tutorial 2
2. Continue the next row in the same manner. Try to avoid large gaps if possible. This can be done by using smaller acorns when it is necessary.

Acorn Wreat Tutorial 3
3. Add the next rows. Sometimes it may be necessary to turn an acorn slightly to make it fit better.

Acorn Wreath Tutorial 4
4. This is the wreath at the halfway point. It does get quite heavy after a while.

Acorn Wreat Tutorial 5
5. Add a ribbon for hanging at any point. Here it was added before the wreath was finished and the remaining acorns were simply glued behind it.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Learn how to make a bow to decorate your wreath.

Simple Bow Tutorial

How to make a simple bow


Wreath Made Using Acorns
This wreath is so natural and will last for years to come.

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