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Acorn Wreath

 An oak tree drops hundreds if not thousands of acorns each year and these are the perfect material to create this wreath.



Acorn Wreath

For this project you will need:

- straw wreath in size of choice
- acorns in various sizes
- hot glue gun and hot glue
- ribbon for decorating


1. To make this wreath, all you need to do is add hot glue to each acorn and position it on the wreath in a pleasing manner. It looks most decorative when the acorns are facing different directions and when they are different sizes. Use the smaller acorns to fill any gaps between the larger acorns.Make sure to decorate the inside of the wreath as well as the outside. Leave the back of the wreath empty so it will hang flat on the door.
2. Once you have your wreath covered with acorns, decorate with a ribbon bow.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Simple Bow Tutorial

How to make a simple bow


Acorn Wreath 2
Mother Nature gives us so many treasures that we can craft with





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