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Tinsel Cone Tree

This project is just too easy and so quickly made. All you need is a styrofoam cone, double sided adhesive and a thin tinsel.  We found a tinsel that also had stars on it which embellished it at the same time, so no further decorations were needed for the tree.



Tinsel Cone Tree

For one tree you will need:

- styrofoam cone, size of choice
- a not so thick tinsel, color of choice
- wide double sided adhesive tape
- straight pin


1. Cover the cone first with the adhesive. A few stripes of tape should cover the cone horizontally and a few stripes also should cover the cone vertically.
2. Starting at the bottom of the cone, start wrapping the tinsel around it and continue upwards, keeping the tinsel taut and close to the previous row to prevent the cone showing through.
3. When you reach the top, cut the remaining tinsel and use a straight pin to pin the end to the top of the cone to secure it well.




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Tinsel Cone Tree




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