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Corrugated Cardboard Tea Light Holder

In the winter, candlelight glow gives rooms a warm and cozy look. Because this table decoration is decorative, inexpensive and quickly made, kids can craft it and give them as presents to their grandmothers, neighbors or teachers. Or they can help their parents make some of these to use as table decorations at a Christmas party.



Christmas Star Tea Light Holder

For this project you will need:

- red, silver or gold corrugated cardboard (or other color of choice)
- tealight
- gold or silver Christmas motifs
- jewel glue to glue motifs on
- tacky glue for gluing the corrugated cardboard
- scissors

Ages 7 and older

Craft Pattern:


Stars Templates






1. Cut out stars that measure about 10 cm out of the corrugated cardboard.
2. Cut a strip of corrugated cardboard about 2 cm high or the height of the tea light. The height varies on the size of the tea light. Measure the tea light and the cut out a strip that is that length plus 1 cm for overlapping. Cut against the ripples of the corrugated cardboard so that it is flexible. If you cut with the ripple, it will be too stiff to bend.
3. Wrap the strip securely around the tea light and glue the end over the beginning. The tea light should sit snug within the ring.
4. Place glue underneath the cardboard ring and place it in the center of the star.
5. Glue Christmas motifs on each star point.




Christmas Star Tea Light Holder Gold

Christmas Star Tea Light Holder Red

Christmas Star Tea Light Holder Silver
These stars look great in any color.


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