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Sunflowers Bookmarker

Children like to give presents. Because they have a small budget, offer them a couple of basic craft supplies so they can make presents instead of buying some. This encourages them to be a little creative and they will enjoy the compliments on their gifts that were made from the heart. Sometimes they don’t know what to make. Crafting bookmarkers is an easy solution. This is just an example of how one could look like.



Fall Craft for Kids - Easy to Make Bookmarker with Sunflowers

For this project you will need:

- orange cardstock
- self-adhesive foil
- paper napkin with a border sunflowers or other motif
- hole puncher
- eyelets
- stick glue
- scissors
- ruler
- cording


1. Cut out orange cardboard to an appropriate bookmarker size. This one is 10” x 4”.
2. Cut out a piece of paper napkin border to fit within the orange cardboard and leaving a margin on both sides.
3. With stick glue, lightly glue a line down the cardboard and gently and smoothly lay the sunflower border piece on it. Try to avoid wrinkles.
4. Cut 2 pieces of self-adhesive foil larger than the bookmarker. Remove the back side of the first piece and lay this piece over the front side of the bookmarker, making sure to avoid wrinkles.
5. Repeat this step for the back side of the bookmarker.
6. Cut away the excess foil leaving a foil border of about 1/8”.
7. Punch a hole in the top center of the bookmarker and secure the hole with an eyelet.
8. Pull a cording loop through the hole and pull the 2 ends through the loop to secure the cord.

Fall Craft for Kids - Easy to Make Bookmarker with Sunflowers 2
Ages 9 and older





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Fall Craft for Kids - Easy to Make Bookmarker with Sunflowers





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