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Santa Claus Paper Mobile

Kids can create these mobiles to decorate the windows in their rooms or to hang freely from the ceiling. Either way, Santa is the main attraction of this craft. You can make this craft as short or as long as you like it to be.



Christmas Craft - Triangle Santa Decoration

For this project you will need:

- red, white and beige cardstock
- scissors
- ruler
- craft glue
- craft stick
- black marker for eyes
- red artist chalks or blush for the cheeks
- white sewing thread
- large star motif puncher
- circle motif puncher

Ages 9 and older


1. Cut out a long triangle for the body template out of cardboard.
Trace this template now 6 times onto red cardstock.

2. Create a second triangle by tracing the first template on another piece of cardboard and then removing around 1/2 centimeters from each of the long sides. This will be the beard template. Trace this now 6 times onto white cardstock.

Nikolaus Adventkalender Anleitung 2
3. Glue the white triangle upside down onto the red one as seen in the picture below.

Nikolaus Adventkalender Anleitung 3
4. Glue a long 1 cm wide strip of white cardstock onto a long 2 cm wide strip of cardstock.

Nikolaus Adventkalender Anleitung 4
5. Glue the strips now on the red triangle just over the white one. This is the face and the hat cuff.

Nikolaus Adventkalender Anleitung 5
6. Turn the piece over and trim the excess paper away.

7. Make 5 more Santas the same way by following steps 3-6.

8. Punch 10 stars out of red cardstock.

9. Punch out 6 red circles and 6 white circles. Add these to the faces and hats.

10. Cut a long piece of thread and double it. The looped end will be the top. Starting at the looped end, sandwich the string between 2 stars. Then leave about 2 cm space and sandwich the string between 2 Santas. Continue in this pattern until all of the stars and Santas are used up. You will end with stars.




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Christmas Craft - Triangle Santa Decoration




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