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Scrapbook Paper Snowflake or Star

With just a few strips of scrapbook paper, you can create these paper ornaments for the family Christmas tree.



Scrapbook Paper - Star or Snowflake 2

For this project you will need:

- 10 strips of scrapbook paper of choice
- silver card or cardstock to match your paper
- a star or snowflake punch
- hole puncher
- 1 matching brad
- nylon string
- scissors and ruler


1. Cut 5 strips of scrapbook paper out. Each strip should measure 20-30 cm x 1 cm. Line up the strips and and then punch a hole through all 5 layers on one end about 1 cm from the edge, and then do the same to the other end. Then punch a hole also through the middle of all layers.
2. Punch out a star. Punch a hole through the middle of the star and insert it onto the brad with the pretty side down.
3. Now insert the brad through the center of one of the strips. The pretty side of the paper should be facing downwards. Then add the remaining 4 strips over the first one. Arrange the strips so that they create a star shape.
4. Now starting with bottom strip, insert the two ends onto the brad. Then continue with the next bottom strip. Continue until all the strip ends are on the brad. Close the brad.
5. Turn the star over and arrange the “spokes” in a even manner.
6. Use perlon or nylon thread to hang.




Scrapbook Paper - Star or Snowflake
They are easy to make and look especially decorative in a set.


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Scrapbook Paper - Star or Snowflake



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