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Translucent Paper Star (Origami-Star folding 1)

This star looks brilliant in the window at Christmas. When the sun shines, the star almost glows! The different layers of paper shine differnt shades and create almost new patterns within the star. Once you learn to fold the paper to create this star, you will not want to make just one. This decoration is perfect for larger windows like classroom windows. When placed in groups, it looks quite impressive. This design is a basic one and is simple enough for school age children to complete.



Transparent Paper Star Window Decoration

For this project you will need:

- color translucent paper
- scissors
- ruler
- pencil

You may choose other types of thin papers such as tissue paper. They are not as durable or shiny as the translucent paper but look just as nice when hanging. Vellum paper is also a great option.

Ages 8 and older

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Red Transparent Star

Follow the instructions in the link : Easy Translucent Star Tutorial




Christmas Craft Idea for Kids - Pink Origami Folded Transparent Star

Transparent Star using Vellum Paper
This is an example of the same star using printed vellum paper instead. The intricate design on the paper adds more detail to the star.


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