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Paper Santa Claus and Christmas Tree Decoration

The jolly ol’ elf has his sack full of toys and is ready to head off to his sleigh to bring them to all of the children of the world.



Christmas Paper Craft for Kids - Santa Claus and Tree

For this project you will need:

- red, dark green and brown cardstock
- gold shiny card
- white corrugated cardboard
- white corrugated cardboard
- white, red and black colored pencils
- paper punch for stars (if possible two sizes) or star stickers
- paper punch for a holly twig (optional)
- stick glue and craft glue

Ages 7 and older

Craft Patterns:

Santa and Pack Template

Santa and Pack Template

Christmas Tree Template For Lighted Tree

Christmas Tree Template





Instructions for a one sided decoration: (if you would like it to be pretty on both sides, trace everything out doubled and one side is always in reverse)

The pattern and instructions are written so that the side, right or left, is the visible side in the image. For example the tree is on the right side of the image.

1. Print out the Santa and pack template so that it covers the complete page of printer paper. Also print out the Christmas tree template the same size. To create templates, glue the pattern page on the backside of a cereal box and then cut the pieces out. Now you have permanent templates which are easy for kids to trace around. This is especially recommendable when working with a group of kids.
2. Trace the pieces on the appropriate colored card or corrugated cardboard once and cut them out. Set the tree aside for a moment.
3. To make the Santa, glue the right hand onto the sack handle and then glue the sack to the backside of the Santa body so it is approximately in the position as the image above.
4. Glue the cuffs to the left arm and then the mitten under the cuff. Then glue the left and right arms onto the body. If you have a holly twig, glue it underneath the left hand. The right arm gets glued behind the sack and right glove and the wider part of the arm is down.
5. Now glue the pom-pom and cuff onto the hat. Glue the face under the cuff. Then glue the mustache onto the beard and then the beard on to the face/cuff.
6. Draw on the face. Use the pencils to create stitching lines around the Santa costume, the tree and the bag.
7. Glue the finished Santa now halfway over the tree.
8. Punch out stars and glue them onto the tree.
9. The decoration is now ready to hang up.




Santa Detail of Arm
Detail of the right arm


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Christmas Paper Craft for Kids - Santa Claus and Tree




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