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Easy Folded Glittery Christmas Tree Ornament or Package Topper

Get the kids involved in making these very inexpensive ornaments to decorate the tree and also make great bows for decorating Christmas gifts. Just a few folds and the ornament is quickly finished and one roll of glittery wrapping paper will go a long way! When hanging on the tree, these look really great especially if made in groups.



Christmas Paper Craft for Kids - Easy Paper Tree Ornaments

For this project you will need:

- 12 x 12 inch or 30 x 30 centimeter glittery wrapping paper or as an alternative you can use scrapbook paper of your choice
- matching cardstock for the star
- star paper punch
- stick glue
- needle for poking hole
- transparent nylon string or sewing thread for hanging

Ages 8 and older


1. Cut your paper twice to measure 30 cm x 10 cm (12 inches by 4 inches).

Paper Ornament - Start Pleating Paper
2. For the first sheet, pleat fold the paper along the short side until the paper is used up.

Paper Ornament - Pleat Fold
3. This is now how it looks.

Paper Ornament - Stapel Middle
4. Fold the paper in half and staple the middle together. Repeat the above steps for the second sheet of paper.

Paper Ornament - Gluing Sides
5. Glue both halves now together to form a circle. Glue the open sides also together.
6. Punch out a star and glue to the center of the circle.
7. To finish, poke hole in any pleat and insert thread for hanging.




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Christmas Paper Craft for Kids - Easy Paper Tree Ornaments




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