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Paper Maché Ghost Ornament

This fun little ghost is made out of cardboard layers and then embellished for Halloween. It is fun and easy making ornaments using this technique.



Paper Mache Halloween Ghost

Supplies Needed for one Ghost:

sides of cardboard boxes (box should be easy to cut)
- cookie cutter with ghost shape or one of the templates below
- black cardstock
- white fiber paper
- letter punches with the letters of b and o
- 1 pair of wiggle eyes
- wire for hanging the letters and ghost
- fuzzy white yarn
- craft glue
- scissors
- empty cereal box (to create template)
- wall paper glue

An alternative if you do not have fiber paper: you can glue newspaper around the layered figure with wall paper glue, let it dry and then paint the ghost in white paint.

Craft Patterns: Use the ghost template here if you do not have a cookie cutter with a ghost shape.

Halloween Templates for Plant Sticks

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1. Use the cookie cutter and trace the ghost 3 times on a cardboard box side and cut out each ghost.
2. Now glue the three layers together, creating a nice thick ghost.
3. Now use wallpaper glue to glue white fiber paper on all sides of the ghost. This will cover up the sides as well, which are most likely unsightly.
4. Out of the black cardstock, cut out 3 small circles. Punch the letters BOO through the circles. Make a small hole in the top of each circle and thread the wire through the holes to create a small garland. Poke a small hole through each ghost arm and insert the wire ends through these holes and twist the ends of the wire in a spiral form to hold them in place behind the ghost arms. Wrap a piece of fuzzy yarn around the wire for extra effect.
5. Glue on the wiggle eyes.
6. Poke a hole through the ghost head. Create a loop with the wire and add a drop of glue to the hole and insert the wire ends in the hole.




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