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Clown Paper Pieced Decoration

This brightly colored circus clown will add cheer and delight to any room he is hanging in. It is a perfect decoration especially for a child’s play room.



Paper Craft - Crafts for Kids - Paper Clown Decoration
Assembly is a bit fun because it is like dressing a paper doll.


For this project you will need:

- cardstock in bright green, purple, fuschia, red, yellow, beige, turquoise and stripe pattern matching these colors
- black cardstock for eyes
- fine black permanent marker for drawing mouth
- fine green marker for making stitching details (optional)
- silver wire
- fuschia pink tissue paper for bow tie
- pattern - see below
- scissors
- stick glue
- small hand punch with star motif
- red artist chalk or red rouge for blushing cheeks
- craft glue for gluing on bow tie

Recommended Ages: 9 and above

Craft Pattern:

Free Craft Pattern for a Clown Body

Free Clown Body Craft Template

Free Craft Pattern for Clown Clothes

Free Clown Clothes and Accesories Craft Templates


1. Print out the patterns and make permanent templates by following the instructions in the tutorial “how to make permanent templates”.
2. Trace each of these templates (shoes, pants, shirt, hair, nose) out twice on the appropriate colored cardstock. Always trace the double in reverse so the edges will match on both sides of the clown. Trace one body. Trace 5 balls in 5 different colors.
3. Now cut out all of the pieces out. Cut small strips of the striped cardstock for patches.
4. Start gluing the clothes on one side the body in this order: Shoes - Pants - Shirt - Hair - Nose - Patches. Now repeat again for the reverse side of the clown. Draw stitched lines around the shirt and on the patches if you like.
5. Draw a big friendly smile on the face. Blush the cheeks with artist chalks if you have some.
6. Punch out 4 stars and glue on these eyes on each side of the clown.
7. Poke a hole through each clown hand and also 2 holes in each of the 5 balls.
8. Start inserting the wire through the first ball and bring it behind and out again to the front of the same ball. Attach the next 4 balls in the same manner and arrange them evenly on the wire.
9. Insert the wire ends through the backside of the hands so that the ends come out through the front. Coil the ends so that they do not slip out of the hands.
10. On the 3rd or middle ball, poke an additional hole in the top and create a wire loop so the clown can be hung.
11. Cut a piece of tissue paper and fan fold it. Pinch the middle together and use a small piece of wire to hold it tightly closed. Glue this on the clown as a bow tie.


How to create permanent templates

How to make permanent templates






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Paper Craft - Crafts for Kids - Paper Clown Decoration

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