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Paper Crafts and Decorations for Summer and All Occasions

In craft or paper stores, you can find a large supply of different papers that can be used for the projects. But not all of us have a craft store around the corner and not all products are available at all places. That is no problem. Be creative and flexible.

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Upcycling Magazines into Art

Create Colorful Art Canvas Pictures
Save and upcycle all of those shiny magazines, advertisements, catalogues or any type of items with glossy images to create easy one of a kind canvas art pictures to decorate your walls. No matter which size of canvas you use, the picture looks great and you really do not have to be an artist to achieve such a result.

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Paper Butterflies Craft

Colorful Paper Butterflies Craft

Each butterfly is an original and would look great decorating a wall or door.

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Paper Roses

How to Make Paper Roses

When you look at these roses from a distance, they almost look like the real thing and are so pretty. You can make them and use them for many things such as wreaths, as decorative balls, decorating gift wrap, as embellishments for a romantic table setting, as embellishments for place cards, etc...

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Paper Craft for Summer and All Occasions - Paper Daisy Plant Poke

Paper Daisy Plant Poke

Within a short time, you can make a simple daisy like this to decorate any green plant in your home. Another charming idea is to make a bouquet of  these daisies. Fill a charming terracotta pot with sand and place the finished daisies in the pot. It makes a nice decoration for a shelf or a window sill.

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Abstract Art Paper Mache Bears

Paper Craft for All Occasions - Abstract Art Bears

These colorful bears are definintely one of a kind.

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Birthday Tag Set

Set of Birthday Tags

A paper napkin with cupcake motifs gave the idea for this project. These tags were created in a jiffy and add are a nice embellishment for your wrapped package. Make a whole set so that you will always have one ready when you need it.

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Summer Canvas with Seashells Inchies 200

Canvas With Seashells Inchies

This is an idea of how you can display seashells and have a new decoration for your walls at the same time.

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Bird Bookmarks

Bird Bookmarks

If you do a lot of reading in books and magazines, then you know that you can never have enough bookmarks to hold the pages for you. These bookmarks with the pretty birds are very easy to make and help recycle cereal boxes, too.

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Easy to Make Gift Boxes

Make Gift Boxes

We have previously demonstrated how to make such boxes by recycling  greeting cards or Christmas cards. But these can be just as easily made using heavy weight card. The technique always remains the same.

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Paper Craft for Summer - Origami Picture Frame Craft for Kids 200

Origami Picture Frame Project

Kids like to collect pictures of their friends, pets or stars and kids also do a lot of drawings. All of these pictures will look great on display when put into a crafted frame that the child can make on its own.

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More Paper Crafts and Decorations for Summer and All Occasions

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