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Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Autumn is here and it is time to pull out the scissors, paint and glue for some crafting fun. Some fun projects are waiting here for kids to create when the days get cooler. One project is a great recycling project using kitchen tin cans and creating Jack-o-Lanterns. Smaller children can craft the Tom Turkey plant poke for their mothers and school aged children can make an easy wreath to decorate the front door. Here you will find plenty of projects to keep the kids happy and busy during the fall season.

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Fly Agaric or Toadstool Craft for Kids

Fly Agaric or Toadstool Craft

These mushrooms were made with small probiotic drinking joghurt bottles (use what is available in your country) and styrofoam balls and look incredibly real once painted and decorated.

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Halloween Art - Paper Mosaic Jack o' Lantern

Halloween Art - Paper Mosaic Jack o' Lantern

This is a project which will keep kids busy for a while. It is almost like putting a puzzle together and just as fun. No two Jack oLanterns will ever look alike either.

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Autumn Leaves Window Decoration

Autumn Leaves Window Decoration

You and your kids can make this project and display these nature treasures on the window to preserve the warm autumn glow just a bit longer.

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Felt Owl Ornaments

Felt Owl Ornaments

These soft cuties take only a little time to make and kids will have fun crafting them. The owls look great as a group so the more, the merrier. By using three different basic colors for the owls body, you can create 6 different owls.

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Autumn Paper Wreath for Kids

Autumn Paper Wreath

These colorful leaves surely won’t wilt and bring the colors of fall right into the home. This project was created with scrap pieces of assorted paper and once the kids have theirs finished, they can hang it in a place for all to enjoy.

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Fuse Beads Fall Leaf

Fuse Beads or Perler Beads Fall Maple Leaf

On those chilly windy days, why not let the kids pull out the fuse beads peg board and let them create colorful decorations for the windows.

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Halloween Craft for Kids - Recycling Craft - Jack o' Lantern Pumpkin Can Craft

Halloween Jack o’ Lantern Can

Kids will have lots of fun creating these Jack oLanterns to decorate the window sills at Halloween and it is a wonderful recycling craft as well! In fact, the more of these that get made, the merrier.

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Paper Owls

Colorful Paper Owls

A whole parliament of cute and colorful owls have come to visit.

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Fall Craft for Kids - Paper Squirrel

Paper Squirrel Window Decoration

Squirrels have a lot to do now before the winter sets in. Their supply of nuts and, pine cones and seeds needs to be well tucked in safety so they can find them when the snow is high. This little guy feels safe hanging in the window of a childs bedroom, where he can watch his friends do their work outdoors.

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Pom-Pom Cat

Pom-Pom Black Cat

Black cats are typical Halloween figures. But take a look at this little guy? Is he even capable of scaring anyone? No, he is just too cute and wants to be cuddled. The fringe yarn gives the cat a special soft effect.

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More Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

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Fun Rainy Day Paper Craft Ideas for Kids Using Paper, Pencils, Paint and Crayons

Have your kids been complaining that there is nothing to do”? Especially during the school breaks, they often have time and cannot decide on an activity to fill it. Before they spend hours in front of a TV or computer screen, you can keep them busy with arts and crafts, instead. With a little motivation and a few basic craft supplies, they can be happily creating works of art that they can be proud of! 

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