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Wooden Ghosts Door Sign

Boo! When the bewitching hour approaches on Halloween, these spooky ghosts will be the perfect decoration for your door. This woodcraft is quick and easy. There are only 4 pieces to saw out and the project is complete within an afternoon.



Wood Craft for Halloween - Wooden Ghosts Door Sign for Halloween

Supplies Needed:

- 10 mm plywood other choice of wood
- acrylic paints in the following colors: white, grey and black
- round and flat paintbrushes
- wire for hanging
- wooden half bead measuring 2 cm
- wood glue
- sawing and sanding supplies
- two 5 mm wiggly eyes
- white netting
- hot glue gun
- drill with 1.5 mm bit

Craft Patterns:

Halloween - Boo Sign 100

Boo Sign Template

Ghosts 100

Ghosts Template





Instructions: (see picture for placement of elements)

1. Print out the patterns to the size you need and transfer the markings on to the wood. Each ghost needs to be individually created.
2. Saw all of the pieces out and sandpaper the pieces smooth.
3. Paint the ghosts white and the sign grey and let the pieces dry before continuing.
4. Drybrush shading on all of the pieces. For the ghosts, use grey and for the sign use black. Paint eyes and a mouth on the ghosts using black paint.
5. Drill the holes in the ghosts according to the pattern. Drill a hole in the sign just below the holes on the ghosts.
6. Transfer the word Boo now onto the sign and paint the lettering black. Once dry, drybrush highlight on the letters with grey paint.
7. Glue the ghosts now over each other according to the pattern. When dry, coil 2 pieces of wire and attatch the ghosts to the sign.
8. Add a wire to the top of the ghost in the 2 holes for hanging.
9. Cut some white netting or fibers and attatch them with hot glue to the front of the ghosts for a spooky look.
10. Paint the wooden bead black and glue onto the sign. Paint spider legs next to the bead and glue on wiggly eyes.

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