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Halloween Paper Decorations

If you would like to make a quick and easy Halloween decoration for your table or window sill, then you can decorate an intersting branch with paper cats, ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. This branch can be put into a vase or even hung in the window if possible.



Paper Craft for Halloween - Halloween Cat, Pumpkin and Ghost Paper Figures

Supplies Needed:

- orange, white and black cardstock
- raffia in typical fall colors like orange or gold
- a found branch
- sharp paper cutting knife
- black magic marker
- pencil
- scissors
- small hole puncher

Craft Pattern:

Pumpkin, Ghost and Cat 100

Cat, Pumpkin and Ghost Templates






1. Print and trace the patterns out and transfer them to the appropriate colored paper or cardboard.
2. Cut the pieces out with scissors. The details such as the mouth, nose or eyes of the jack-o-lantern or ghost can be cut out with the knife. Adults should do this if small children are helping with this project
3. Punch the cats eyes with the hole puncher. Punch holes in the tops of the figures as well.
4. Use the black magic marker and trace around the ghosts body and facial features if desired. This helps make him more visable.
5. Tie raffia through the top holes and tie a loop for hanging. Let the ends hang freely.
6. Tie extra raffia bows on separate parts of the branch for extra decoration.

Tip: You can also use stiff felt or fun foam instead of cardstock.




Paper Craft for Halloween - Halloween Cat, Pumpkin and Ghost Paper Figures - Black Cat
Not only is this project fast to do, but you can do it with your children and the costs are minimal.




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Paper Craft for Halloween - Halloween Cat, Pumpkin and Ghost Paper Figures

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