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Paper Gingerbread Man

A quick and easy project for young children is this Gingerbread Man made out of cardboard. There is only one piece to cut out and the embellishments are made with dimensional paint, buttons, beads and ribbons. The children can be creative and decorate theirs in different ways and make numerous of them to use as tree, package or window decorations.



Paper Gingerbread Man

For this project you will need:

- brown cardboard or a side of a thin box
- white dimensional paint
- scissors
- red and checked ribbon
- embellishments such as buttons and beads
- craft glue

Craft Pattern:

Gingerbread Man Pattern

Gingerbread Man Craft Pattern






1. Parents should print out and trace the gingerbread man onto the brown card for the children.
2. The child can now cut the figure out and decorate as he or she wishes. Squiggly lines around the outside edge of the Gingerbread Man reminds of icing on gingerbread cookies. Besides paint, he or she can add buttons, ribbons, beads, etc... using tacky glue.
3. Let the figure fully dry.

Ages 8 and older




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Paper Gingerbread Man




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