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Paper Lantern with Evil Jack o Lantern Motif

This particular Halloween paper lantern has a mean expression and will add a spooky touch to your next Halloween party.



Fall Paper Craft - Evil Pumpkin Paper Lantern b

Supplies Needed:

- large piece of orange cardstock
- white fiber paper or thin white paper
- glue stick
- craft knife
- straight edge for cutting
- stylus
- scissors
- decorative edged scissors (optional for top edge of lantern)
- tea light candle
- silver wire
- small hole puncher

Craft Pattern:

Paper Lantern Template - Mean Jack o' Lantern

Paper Lantern with Angry Jack o Lantern Motif Template





Instructions: (The pictures below show a different motif but the technique is the same for all paper lanterns)

1. Print out the pattern and have it enlarged (at a copy shop) so that the height of the lantern measures at least 12 cm or 4.8 inches. This will guarantee that the lantern is wide enough for the tea light candle.

2. Transfer the pattern and the inner markings onto orange cardstock.

Example 2 - Cutting the inside shapes out
3. First cut out the inside motifs.

Example 1 - Scoring the Lines
4. Use your stylus and score all of the inside lines for easier folding.

Example 5 - Adding glue to the flaps
5. Tear a piece of white fiber paper large enough to cover the inside wall behind the motif.

6. Fold the lantern together and add glue to the flaps so that can be pressed inside.

7. Adhere the flaps to the inside of the lantern and let dry.

8. Add tea light.




Fall Paper Craft - Halloween Table Lanterns
These are easy to make and just like with real pumpkin carving, you can give these different faces and expressions.

Make them all:

Happy Pumpkin Paper Lantern

Black Cats Paper Lantern

Evil Jack o Lantern Paper Lantern




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