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Decoupaged Utility Can

If you make a lot of cards or scrapbooking, then you may have a large collection of craft supplies and would like to have it all at your fingertips when crafting. By recycling and decoupaging cans from the kitchen, you can keep the supplies tidy in a decorative way. Here a cute paper napkin was used to pep up ordinary cans and add a cheerful look to them.



Decoupage Pencil Holder

For this project you will need:

- clean can (s) from the kitchen - any size is fine
- white acrylic paint to use as base color under the napkin (you can choose any light color like beige or egg-shell white as well
  if you do not have white)
- paper napkin with design of choice
- soft but flat paint brush
- decoupage glue or paper napkin applique glue

Cute Birds Paper Napkin
Here is the napkin with colorful birds that was used for this project.

Instructions for one can:

1. Basecoat the can with white paint and let it dry.
2. Take your paper napkin and remove the bottom layers so that you only have the top layer.
3. Cut the napkin out to a height slightly higher than the can. Any overlap can be glued over and under the can rim
4. Wrap the napkin around the can to determine how much the napkin overlaps. Cut the napkin down so that it only overlaps about one centimeter. Discard the rest.

Example of Paper Napkin Decoupage 1
5. Place the paper napkin onto the can so that the center of the napkin is in front of you.

Example of Paper Napkin Decoupage 2
6. To apply the glue, place your left hand (or right hand if you are left handed) inside the can like in the image below. This will make working easier and also prevent that you touch the napkin or wet glue while working. Then brush on a thin layer of glue over the napkin. The glue will saturate through the napkin adhere the napkin onto the can. Start at the middle and work your way outwards in all directions. If your can has grooves, make sure to carefully catch them while brushing the glue onto the can. Gently brush in the direction of the grooves so that the napkin softly falls into place and picks up the groove pattern. Try to avoid wrinkles while “painting”. Smaller wrinkles will also disappear when the glue dries.
7. When the can is completely covered, set aside and let it thoroughly dry.

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Decoupage Pencil Holder 2

Decoupage Pencil Holder 3
Cute little birdies add such a happy touch to this can.





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