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Christmas Star Plant Poke

You can create paper stars to spruce up your plants for the holidays or leave the stick away and use as a decorative finishing touch to any Christmas present or as Christmas ornaments for the tree. Each star has 3 star layers and the colors can be changed to fit your needs and this project is easy for kids to do, too.



Christmas Paper Craft - Christmas Star Plant Stick

For this project you will need:

- star shaped cookie cutters in different sizes or star template below
- corrugated gold (or any other color) cardstock
- cardstock in a second color
- wet glue
- glitter in a color matching your choice of color for the star
- wooden shishkabob skewer
- ribbons matching your color selection
- hot glue gun (hot glue gun is faster but parental supervision is advised when children are making this craft

Craft Pattern for Stars:


Star Templates
Print these out in different sizes and then you can layer the stars.






1. Use your cookie cutters or a template and cut out one to three stars out of the various choice of papers.
2. Cover your choice of color for the middle star layer with wet glue and then apply glitter onto the wet glue. Shake off the excess glue and allow to dry before continuing.
3. Once the glitter layer is dry, run a line of hot glue down the backside of the star and adhere the stick to it.
4. Create a pretty ribbon bow and then hot glue to the stick just underneath the star.




Gold Star Christmas Plant Stick

Red Christmas Star Plant Stick

Christmas Star Plant Stick
These stars also look good in other colors of the season.


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Christmas Paper Craft - Christmas Star Plant Stick



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